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An Afterthought to One Can be a Life changer for Another

We recently completed work on our 40th water project. This project will supply more people with clean water than any other project we have ever undertaken, supplying 2,260 with clean water. With this project, our total number of people served with clean water daily is now over 32,200. When I initially reviewed the project request, I was floored by the community's grave water scarcity-related conditions. These conditions included but were not limited to elevated water-related illnesses such as CHOLERA, typhoid, Malaria, Diarrhea, and Dysentery; these diseases are especially prevalent among children under the age of five. Before installing a clean water borehole, the community, consisting primarily of poor farmers, relied on a local stream for its water. 

What is Small to One is Massive to Another

The entirety of this project cost just USD 5,564.00, which breaks down to USD 2.46 per community resident. Imagine that (you don't have to imagine it because WE did it), permanently changing someone's life for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, a midday snack, or the cost of driving in the toll lane; a tiny sacrifice to impact someone else massively. Since the beginning of the water borehole program in Nigeria, the average project cost per person is USD 5.58, a modest amount to invest to impact someone's life permanently.

Regarding impact, I am in the midst of analyzing data from a recent research project the team in Nigeria, and I conducted in 18 communities where clean water infrastructure has been installed in the last three years to assess the perceived impact of clean water infrastructure. Though the analysis is not yet complete, early indications are that clean water has far-reaching beneficial effects beyond improved health.

A part of Something Bigger than Yourself 

When we started Partners For Water, we hoped to improve some lives. Since 2018, our partners have come together to invest USD 174,081.00 into water projects in Nigeria and positively impacted many more lives than we thought we would when we started. What has been accomplished to date reminds me of the quote credited to Helen Keller, "alone we can do so little; together we can do so much".

Every time I write an update, I say how ecstatic I am at what is happening, and I genuinely am excited every time. That said, this time, I am over the moon with excitement and anticipation at what we collectively will continue to do. Congratulations on 40, here's to 50!

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