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April 2020 Partners for Water Update

A lot has happened in the weeks since I last updated you. As the world fights against this virus and strives to find a new normal please know we stand in partnership and prayer with each and everyone one of you.

Last month I updated you all on our ambitious target of completing 3 borehole projects bye the end of March. I am happy to report that all three of the targeted projects have been completed. Two were completed in the last week of March and the third was completed in the first week of April (just prior to the stay at home order that was instituted in the area where the project was completed). I have provided a few photos below.

We remain committed to our target of completing 5 water projects in 2020 (2 more); we are also planning to further invest into needed equipment (survey tools, generators, and a truck for equipment/material transportation) for our development team on the ground in Nigeria. If you would like to partner with us in this please let us know.

As we look into the future there are many things that remain uncertain; however, we are certain of who holds the future and what are mission is. We will continue to roll with the punches, remain pliable, and adapt as necessary in the face of change.


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