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Partners For Water November 2020 Update

A lot has happened in Nigeria since my last update. In addition to dealing with the public health implications related to COVID-19 and enduring related government lockdowns. Nigeria has experienced a season of protests against police brutality. All this has occurred under the backdrop the rainy season, which has limited new community development activities. Despite all of this, our team continues to move forward and remains committed to our mission of making the world a better place through community development.

To date, we have completed 11 borehole projects. On the graphic below, each water drop represents a completed water project.

The location, date, borehole depth, and population served for the projects to date are as follows:

We are in the process of completing two more water projects and expect them to be complete by December 2020. I am looking forward to providing an update on project completion in the January 20201 update.

As I shared in the May 2020 update, our community development efforts go beyond water development. We have developed the following five strategies for community development.

1. Clean water infrastructure development

2. Sanitation and hygiene training and infrastructure development (hand-washing stations and toilets)

3. Community-based healthcare development

4. Training in and implementation of irrigation farming

a. Most of the villagers in the communities we work in are seasonal farmers; access to water all year can turn them into year-round farmers. This not only improves food availability, but it also presents more significant economic opportunities for the community.

5. Education and technology development.

In keeping with this strategy, earlier this year we completed our first school; however, the school could not open for classes upon its completion due to government restrictions related to COVID-19. I am happy to report that class is now in session, and the kids of the village of Rija are currently enjoying their school!

In closing, I would like to thank all of our partners. Without your commitment and partnership, none of the progress made to this point would be possible. As I reflect on the progress made in the short two years, we have been at this; I can't help but be in a bit of awe. The idea of water development came to me on a trip to Nigeria in 2017 when I was finally fed up enough with the water situation to do something about it. I am a bit ashamed to admit that it took six trips to Africa to get determined to do something. I had to realize I wasn't just a tourist meant to just look at what is happening, I have a responsibility to join hands with my friends to effect change. I did not know exactly what to do, but I knew I would do something. What I did not realize is that so many partners would step up to be part of the change. The principle that many hands make the work light could not be more accurate.

Until next time.


For interim updates, please follow us on Instagram @partnersforwater

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