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Partners For Water January 2021 Update

As I am sure is the case with many of you reading this update when I reflect on 2020, a large part of me would like to leave it all behind and press on to the future. However, each time I nearly resolve to leave it all behind, I realize that I must also abandon memories of the myriad of blessings and hope that came in 2020. Rather than remembering 2020 for its many challenges, I have determined to retain the hope it brought to so many.

2020 was the most productive year for Partners For Water to date. We completed seven water projects in the year, built a school, purchased a vehicle for our project team, and restored health and hope to many. Below are a few happy faces whose communities were given clean water in 2020.

Thanks to our financial, labor, and community partners, we met and exceeded our community investment goals in 2020. As you can see from the list of completed projects below, the number of water projects completed has grown each year since we began. We hope to continue the exponential growth in 2021.

Our next projects are Ambugame Community and Angwan Jatau, both of these rural communities are in dire need of water. We anticipate being able to fund these in the coming weeks and complete the projects shortly after that. To ensure we maintain momentum, the team in Nigeria has begun the scouting and evaluation process for the next batch of projects, which we anticipate completing in the Spring. In addition to continuing the energy built in 2020 related to clean water project development, in 2021 we are determined to stimulate our community development support efforts pertaining to community-based healthcare initiatives, training in irrigation farming, and education and technology development. Until next time. Jason For interim updates, please follow us on Instagram @partnersforwater

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